Trust and Value, Building Together.



Past – Truth

“With over 25 years of expertise in handling chemical products,
we have cultivated a strong presence in the market.
Our collaborative efforts with partners, both domestically and
internationally, have played a pivotal role in our growth. Through
effective marketing and distribution strategies, we continue to thrive
together with our valued partners.”

Present – Growth

“Boasting four state-of-the-art storage tanks ranging from 550KL to
1,000KL in Ulsan, along with strategically positioned bases in key regions,
we’ve established a robust infrastructure. Our operational excellence
extends to a logistics warehouse, offering customized services such as bulk,
ISO tank, drum, and more. With a commitment to tailored solutions,
our competitive logistics systems and channels ensure seamless and
efficient operations.”

Future – Challenge

“We specialize in the sales of a diverse range of solvents catering to
industries like paints, inks, coatings, adhesives, pharmaceuticals, and
lubricants. Building on this foundation, we have ventured into the EPOXY
market, expanding our offerings to include Encapsulation, floor waterproofing,
floor adhesive, and more. Our market presence has further diversified into areas.

In our commitment to sustainability, we actively introduce Dow products
that utilize eco-friendly materials, driving the development of new businesses.
As we strive for innovation, we aspire to be a leading company, acting as a bridge
between cutting-edge solutions and the industries we serve.”
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